SmartBanners allows you to customise your iOS banner notifications

smartbanners stock and modified banners

Your notification banners square measure associate intimate a part of your iOS expertise that you just use to move with apps and other people on a commonplace. thereupon being aforesaid, wouldn’t it's nice if you'll customise a number of their options a bit bit?
A new free jailbreak tweak known as SmartBanners is currently accessible in Cydia’s BigBoss repository freed from price, and can provide users a myriad of configuration choices to customise the planning and behavior of their notification banners. during this piece, we’ll take you thru a trifle of however the tweak works.
Using SmartBanners to customise iOS notification banners
There isn’t an entire heap you'll do to alter what a notification banner does; it’s supposed to point out you a bit little bit of info once associate app needs you to grasp one thing simply happened, and that’s what it’s progressing to do. On the opposite hand, you'll still use SmartBanners to alter a couple of of the looks and activity qualities of notification banners.
SmartBanners can add a preferences pane to the Settings app that allows you to tack some choices associated with the manner your notification banners look and work:
smartbanners preferences pane options to configure
Going down the list, these square measure the items SmartBanners can offer you to customize:
Hide the app icon from your banner notifications
Disable the power to faucet anyplace outside of the notification to dismiss the fast Reply interface
Completely disable the fast Reply feature outright
Disallow all notification banners from being shown
Hide the interface of the app or Home screen once a banner notification seems
Force banner notifications to remain on the screen till they're unemployed manually
A respring button at rock bottom of the preferences pane is additionally enclosed, and it’s necessary to use this button to respring your device once you wish to avoid wasting your changes anytime you modify the choices.
My thoughts on SmartBanners
I in person suppose the tweak is missing plenty of practicality. There square measure some nice options just like the ability to force manual dismiss of notifications, selecting whether or not or not you would like to use fast Reply, and concealing the background contents once your main focus is on the notification banner, however it lacks some options that i'd wish to see in a very banner-modifying tweak, such as:
Configuring the dimensions of the banner
Choosing what quantity notification content seems in a very banner
Colorizing notification text within the banner
Hiding banner notifications once they contain bound words/names in them
I think a number of the options like concealing the app icon from the banner and disabling a faster thanks to exist fast Reply square measure a trifle silly, once more} again opinion is subjective once it involves the user.
As a free transfer from Cydia, you won’t lose something if you choose to administer the tweak a strive, thus why not?
Wrapping up
SmartBanners may be a jailbreak tweak that offers you a bit a lot of flexibility over the looks and behavior of your notification banners. If you’re inquisitive about attempting it, you'll transfer it freed from price from Cydia’s BigBoss repository without delay.
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