locktionary: dictionary on iOS lock screen

locktionary dictionary on iOS lock screen
locktionary wordbook on iOS lock screen
Locktionary could be a new  jailbreak tweak that may be had at no cost from Cydia’s BigBoss repository that may allow you to seek for the definition of any word right from the Lock screen.

The tweak offers a straightforward thanks to quickly figure the that means of a word while not having to be vocal with Siri and while not even having to unlock your iPhone. during this piece, we’ll walk you thru however the tweak works and allow you to recognize what we expect concerning it.
Using Locktionary to outline words from the Lock screen
Since we regularly come upon words we tend to don’t recognize whereas we’re reading, being attentive to individuals speak, or managing words in different ways in which, having instant access to a wordbook to find out the that means of these words is often useful.
You could transfer a third-party wordbook app from the App Store, otherwise you may use the wordbook engineered into iOS. the sole drawback is, it’s not terribly clear-cut to use the wordbook engineered into iOS as a result of Apple ne'er created an infatuated app for it, and putting in a third-party wordbook app would mean wasting valuable cupboard space.
With Locktionary, what you get could be a straightforward search field placed on the Lock screen for your convenience, and any word that you just search from it gets explored from the wordbook engineered into iOS itself.
When you wish to use the tweak, merely type A word into the text field on the Lock screen, then faucet on the blue “Done” key on the keyboard, and iOS can show the definition of the word for you. once you’re done reading the definition of the word, you'll faucet on the “Done” button from the highest right of the wordbook interface to come back to the Lock screen.

Configuring Locktionary

Locktionary didn’t have any choices to tack till the most recent version of the tweak, version 1.1.0. That version is currently offered in Cydia and helps you to either toggle the tweak on or off on demand and conjointly helps you to alter or disable automotive vehicle lock whereas you’re on the Lock screen.

locktionary preferences pane
Because the tweak solely works once the Lock screen is awake, turning off automotive vehicle Lock could be a smart plan if you would like to confirm the screen doesn’t go to sleep on you whereas you’re writing a word into the text field. With automotive vehicle Lock enabled, we tend to found the screen would typically go to sleep on America mid-typing, and it created it arduous to complete long words, particularly once we tend to’d check our orthography to create certain we spelled the word right before looking out.
My thoughts on Locktionary
To be utterly honest, Locktionary could be a nice plan, and that i would like to use the tweak, however it sounds like it’s a little rough round the edges. The auto-locking drawback could be a bit intrusive, the ugly white text field box on the Lock screen, and also the frightful text spacing within the text field box square measure all things that require some serious purification to feel additional flush with iOS nine.
On the opposite hand, the tweak works, and it works smart. If you required the simplest way to induce a fast definition, this tweak wouldn’t fail you. It simply wouldn’t look excellent doing it.
One of the nice things concerning the tweak is that it uses the inbuilt iOS wordbook, that I feel could be a nice use of a resource iOS already has. For that, I’d say it would be definitely worth the transfer if you seek for word definitions very often.
For a fast thanks to get to your iOS wordbook to seem up a word while not having to unlock your iPhone or use Siri, Locktionary could be a good selection for jailbreakers. The tweak is open supply and also the ASCII text file are often viewed on GitHub.
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