FastShare: use substance to quickly share content to Facebook, Twitter, and Messages from anyplace

fastshare sharing interface

FastShare may be a new  jailbreak tweak offered in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.49 that enables you to harness the facility of substance to permit you to additional simply share info together with your friends, family, and followers.
The tweak comes with a novel interface for sharing info across your favorite social mediums, like Facebook, Twitter, and Messages, and it includes choices that you simply will set up to your feeling that the tweak appearance and behaves however you wish it to.
FastShare: a convenient new thanks to share stuff with friends
The idea behind FastShare is to consolidate variety of handy sharing choices into one easy-to-access interface.
Although substance will already be wont to compose a Tweet, compose a Facebook Post, or compose Associate in Nursing iMessage to your friends, victimisation the default substance strategies comes with the draw back of getting to sacrifice 3 individual substance actions – one for every share methodology.
FastShare solves this drawback by transfer along 3 of the foremost in style sharing mediums into one interface, which might be accessed with only 1 substance action. This way, you'll use those alternative 2 substance actions that you simply would have allotted to sharing to alternative sharing networks on one thing additional helpful instead.
Using the tweak
When you invoke the substance gesture you’ve set for FastShare, you get the interface shown higher than. within the middle may be a cutoff to composing Associate in Nursing iMessage or SMS, whereas the proper cutoff is for composing a Facebook Post and also the left cutoff is for composing a Tweet. beneath the Messages icon may be a cancel button you'll use to shut the FastShare interface if you opened it accidentally.
When you faucet on any of the sharing buttons, like the Twitter one as an example, you’ll incline a stock iOS share sheet that enables you to compose the knowledge you would like to share via the social medium.
Configuring FastShare to your feeling
FastShare conjointly adds a preferences pane to the Settings app thus you'll set up it to figure to your own accord.
fastshare preferences pane to configure

The things you'll do here include:
  • Choosing Associate in Nursing substance gesture you wish to use to invoke the tweak
  • Choosing the blur vogue you wish to seem once you open FastShare
  • Configuring a background color for FastShare with the RGB sliders
  • Choosing the app icon size for every of FastShare’s sharing buttons

My opinion on FastShare
I notably just like the interface of FastShare therein it’s straightforward and iOS-esque, however the value are a few things you’ll have to be compelled to contemplate before you go defrayal $1.49 on it. Why do I say that? Well, all of this practicality is already designed into the stock installation of substance.
All you actually seem to be paying for once you purchase FastShare may be a pretty new interface with all of the sharing choices being consolidated into one substance action and interface. therewith being aforesaid, whether or not or not the value tag goes to be worthwhile to you'll have to be compelled to do with what proportion you employ substance and whether or not or not you prefer fancy iOS-style interfaces.
Overall, would I rush to pay $1.49 for this tweak? – Not notably, as a result of I don’t share a full ton of stuff that usually and I’m dead fine distribution multiple substance gestures to those actions. except for people that square measure additional serious than i'm regarding sharing content on social media and with their iMessage/SMS buddies, shopping for the tweak would possibly build additional sense.
Wrapping up
FastShare may be a lovely new Activator-based sharing tweak meant for jailbroken iOS device users and works with iOS nine. If you share plenty of stuff, then this simply can be ensuing new tweak for you.
What square measure your thoughts on FastShare? Tell United States of America within the comments below!
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